10 productive things to do a snowy day

When it is cold and snowy I don’t want to do anything just lay in bed and use my phone, but that’s not productive at all. I know how hard it is to get yourself to do something so here are some productive things to do on a snowy day.

1.Make your bed. To get yourself just ready for the day I would recommend making your bed and this will really show yourself that you are going to be productive today.

2.Clean/organize an area. Pick an area of your house to work on and take everything away from that area and clean it. Then put everything back but make sure to put things away that don’t belong and give everything a home.

3.Read a book. Instead of looking at your phone or a tv. Get a book from your local library or one lying around your house. Reading books gets creative juices going and books can teach many things.

4.Try new recipes. Trying new recipes is fun and actually productive. You can try a cookie or crepe recipe it does not matter. Cooking new things is always interesting time and you can have fun with it.

5.Exercise. Now I am not saying you have to go to the gym and stuff, just maybe just do some push-up or even try yoga. Other easy things you could try are squats or high knees.

6.Plan your day/week. Planning your day or week can really help you be more productive because you can plan in cleaning or yoga so you will want to get them done.

7.Go through your clothes. Going through your clothes can make way for new items in your closet. Pick a type of whether it’s shorts or shirts just go through them and pick out ones you don’t like or can’t wear.

8.Work on projects. These are the days you can work on any projects you have to do. Setup an area to work and just do but make sure to give yourself brakes for about 5 minutes.

9.Get sleep. You may think this not productive but it is because you are giving your body it much needed rest of you get up early and go to sleep late.

10.Treat yourself. This one believe it or not is also being productive because the more confident you are the more you want to be more productive you want to be.


My New Years resolutions.

2017 has come and gone super fast but many amazing things happened during this year. Obviously at the end of the year, we make resolutions here are mine for the New Year.

1. Get healthy. I am not very healthy and I really want to be more healthy. I want to eat better this year along with exercise regularly.

2. Be more positive. I have not been very positive this year due to a lot of drama in the world and stuff so I really don’t want that to be this year.

3. Spend less time on the phone. I am always plugged in and I know it is really bad so I just want to be more aware of my life so I can just enjoy it.

4. Go hiking. I like hiking but I never do so I just want to lay on the bed and let other people go. Central Park has a bunch of walking paths that I want to go on.

5. Call family more. I have lots of families that I don’t call very much and I really need to so I just want to call them more in 2018. Maybe call them every week.

What you should alway have in winter

I have run into situations where I do not have something I really need because I alway forget it. So I got the things that you cannot forget around the winter time.

1. Lip balm. I can not tell you how many times I have just walked around and I realize that my lips are so chapped but I don’t have any lip balm. Just do your self a favor and just tuck a good lip balm or two into your pocket so you always have it.

2. Lotion. Like my lips, my hands get super dry and also very shy. So I need to have some sort of moisturizer whether it’s a body lotion or lotion of some kind. Just trust me on this one because I have had so many moments that I realize I am so ashy I am like a powdered donut. Don’t be a donut put the lotion in your bag.

3. Water bottle. This one I would just always recommend carrying around with you because cold air can cause dry skin and water keeps you hydrated so drink it.

Winter beauty favorites

So these I just purchased or received as gifts throughout the month

1.French green clay mask

This one my dad introduced to me. I take a spoon full of the clay powder and add water until it’s a paste and apply it all over my face. You also can add some of the clay powder to a medium size glass of warm water and drink it to remove toxins from your body. I got this clay from KALUSTYAN’S for around 17 dollars and there was so much in the little bag. I kid you not I am still using the same little bowl of clay I used when I first tried it.

2.Dr. Bronners organic magic balm

This is a soothing and relaxing balm for your muscles that smells like peppermint. After walking around a lot or working out just anything active I apply this so I am not so sore the next day and this is super easy to carry around. It kind of reminds me of vapor rub by the smell but this one has organic ingredients.

3.Jojoba oil (ho-ho-ba)

This is my favorite skin care oil at the moment. When I apply it, it makes my skin super hydrated but I don’t have to add a lot. After a long day all I want to do is clean my skin and take off any makeup on my skin and this is absolutely perfect for that. This is also good for your hair.

4.Vanity planet gel bead eye mask

I have review this one in my last post because Vanity Planet sent it to me. I have been I love this eye mask. It helps me fall asleep every single night and it great for traveling believe it or not. I heat up the mask and place it on my eye and I am so calm and relaxed

Vanity Planet gel eye mask review

Before I start I would like to thank vanity planet for sending me this product. I have tested it out for a few days, hot and cold. I even let my sister enjoy it. 675C4634-895B-4306-AF1B-B1E9F7D3A0FAThe mask can help with headaches stress-related tension and eye puffiness. Personally it helped with falling asleep after a stressful day. It has a strong stretchy band to keep it on your head and soft fabric between the gel beads and you eye so as not to cause discomfort while wearing it.451C22F8-E620-4403-923B-138CBD6F33AC The mask comes in two colors marine blue and blush pink and they are on sale for $17.99 right now, compared to its original $19.99. Like I mentioned earlier you can heat up the mask or cool it down, but you can only use a carousel microwave when heating it up which stinks.

Overall I love this product. The only thing to make it better would be to come in more colors.

I am going to wrap up this post by saying thank you again to vanity planet and to you who ever you are for reading this post.

Top 5 things to do during the holidays


1.Window displays
During the holidays one of the best things to do is see all the window displays. That are all unveiled to be seen and admired. The displays start at Macy’s near pen station and goes all the way to lord & Taylor down on 5th street.Feature

2.Ice skating in Rockefeller Center
This rink is open all year but it’s super fun to go in the winter. Children under 11 and seniors are $15 and adults are $25-$32.


3.radio city music hall Rockettes
These stunning group of dancers only perform at holiday time. They are performing from December 5th to January 1st, 2018.

4.union square holiday market
Squishing its way into number 4 is the holiday market located in union square park. There is so much to find in this market if you are looking to buy or just to looking around. From food to flowers I would recommend checking out this market out.download

5.sleeding in the city
this is pretty self-explanatory but I love sledding. Obviously, this will not work if there is no snow but it is still super fun


November favorites 2017.

Dr.Bronner’s cinnamon toothpaste. I have just started using this one and I really enjoy the cinnamon flavor. I have been using Dr.Bronners since I was a kid but never the toothpaste and it also does not have bad things in it.

burt’s bees sensitive facial towelettes. I don’t have sensitive skin but this is the best for my skin at the moment, they also don’t dry out.

GigiXMaybelline lipstick. I recently purchased this one in October and last time I forgot to swatch it. this is the perfect lip color for me and the best nude lipstick I own.

RCMA no-color face powder. This is another thing I purchased in and near October. its a super inexpensive setting powder that I recommend to anyone. it also comes with a little face puff which was nice.

epielle facial essence mask. this is a hydrating and purifying sheet mask for all skin types. this has really helped my skin by hydrating because my face is very dry.