People Who Inspire Me

Hello reader welcome to this weeks blog post where I share the people most inspire me blog and keep going.

Sometimes I have have a lot trouble finding out what I want to write about each week so the people I turn to get inspiration are:

Busy the bee. I love her aesthetic and she puts so much character into all of her posts which I admire. She also all of her posts are long but easy and fun to read.

Tavi Gevinson. This wonderful writer started blogging about fashion around the age of 11. She has her own magazine and is a huge fashion icon.

Chloe moriondo. I know she is not a blogger but I just had to put her in here because she still is a wonderful inspiration to me. She has a YouTube channel where she makes the most beautiful covers and original songs.

Olivia ruby. She is also not a blogger but she she makes wonderful original songs, and every time I listen to her song I feel my spirit rising.

Well I hope you enjoy this post and I highly recommended you check out all of the people I mentioned, okay bye.


2018 Summmer Goals

Hello, reader welcome to this weeks blog post where I share my goals for this summer. I made these goals every summer so I  just don’t lay around.

1. Go on a road trip. Road trips are the best in the summer but I have not gone on one in a while.

2. Go camping. Camping is another thing I love doing but have not done in a long time.

3. See 4th of July fireworks. Every year there are fireworks in the new york harbor but I am never there to see them so that’s what I want to do.

4. Eat outside. I rarely eat outside but when I do it’s beautiful so I want to do that more this summer.


  1. Go to beanch
  2. Make dress
  3. Start working out
  4. Organize desk
  5. Find summer job

Summer Skincare Routine

Hello reader welcome to this weeks blog post where I give you my skincare routine because I have added a few more things.

Makeup remover

So I before I star I remove my makeup with the Garnier skin active micellar cleansing water. I ha e been using this for years and I still love it.


I use Bonitas foaming mocha face wash, and this has coffee grounds that lightly exfoliate my skin. I only use this every other day.


The cleanser I use is super gentle and this one moisturizes my skin while it cleans my skin so I wools recommend this for sensitive skin it’s the CeraV hydrating cleanser



This is one of the things that I added for summer, and it’s the Thayers rose petal witch hazel toner. Since I started using a toner my skin has become more evenly colored and I don’t have red patches.


So when I get acne it takes awhile to clear my skin but since I got the Mario badescu drying lotion and this has cleared my skin has clear up in 1-3

Well I hope you enjoy this blog post and i hope you maybe could find a product you can include into your skincare routine, okay bye.

50 Things to Do In The Summer

Hello, reader welcome to this weeks blog post where I share some ideas on what you can do this summer

1. Go to pool

2. Hangout with friends

3. Walk around your neighborhood

4. Eat outside

5. Press flowers

6. Hang flowers

7. Walk in park

8. Thrift shopping

9. Go to shopping

10. Go to beach

11. Take pictures

12. Take bath with bath bomb

13. Put oil in hair

14. Paint nails

15. Start blog

16. Use clay mask

17. Sleep in

18. Stay up late and watch movies

19. Bale something

20. Try watercolors

21. Drink a glass of water

22. Write poetry

23. Create summer playlist

24. Go to concert

25. Sketch/doodle

26. Read a book

27. Write in calligraphy

28. Clean

29. Start bullet journal

30. Listen to music

31. Create mood board

32. Learn a song

33. Decorate room

34. Make aesthetic diys

35. Make lemonade

36. Write a story

37. Work on blog

38. Color in book

39. Work on bullet journal

40. Cook

41. Do makeup

42. Go camping

43. Go to museum

44. Make bed

45. Do yoga

46. Go to music festival

47. Ride bike

48. make goals

49. Road trip

50. Workout

Ways to Fill Your Empty notebooks

Hello, reader welcome to this week’s blog where I help you find some inspiration for what to fill your notebooks with by sharing how I fill mine.

I am going to start with small pocket size journals. I have quite a few of these because I like to slip them into my pocket when I take a walk or bike ride. My first one is my gratitude journal where I write ten things that I am grateful for that day. Secondly, I have my poetry journal which I actually made in my last post. I am in love with writing poetry and just having space to write down my creative writing. Lastly, I have my thought journal which Is super simple, I write down anything that I want to remember a quote or song verse.

Now let’s move into the medium size journals. The first is my normal everyday journal where I just write about my day and what I have been thinking about. Then I have my bullet journal which is where I have my monthly spread and there I plan and track what I am doing. The last one is my sketch journal where I love to doodle and fill it with thoughts, quotes, and watercolor.

The last section is the large journals which I only have one and I that I write all of my blog posts.

Well, I hope that you found some ideas in my post and I hope you enjoyed this post as well, okay bye.

Diy Poetry Notebook

Hello, reader welcome to this week’s blog post where I show you how to make a small homemade poetry notebook or it can be any kind of writing you enjoy.

You don’t need very many things to make a small note book all it takes is:

• A 5.5”x7.5” piece of cardboard, and for this you can use a cereal box.

• 10 sheets of printer paper

• 30” of thick white thread

• Large sewing need.

Step 1: Start by cutting your cardboard and paper. For the paper mark and cut it 10×7 then cut it in half so the pages are 5×7 and there are your pages.

Step 2: Now place your pages in the cover and mark where the stitches will be on the paper and on the cardboard. I made all of my stitches 1/2 inch each. With your needle poke holes in the paper and cardboard where you marked the stitches. This will make it easier to sew.

Step 3: Now align your paper and cardboard and thread your needle. Start by going to the bottom and then going back up to the same holes so the stitches are even on both sides and the paper is fully more secure.

Step 4: Now you can customize it however you want with washy tape and markers. I decided to add a bow and some decorative paper on inside.

Well that’s all I hope you like this post, and if you make this yourself please comment how yours turned out and if you have any questions, okay bye.

50 Things to Do Other Than Use Your Phone

Hello, reader welcome to this week’s blog post where I give you 50 things to do other thanf use your phone, because most of us spend a lot on time on electronics.

  1. Write poetry
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Learn a song
  4. Go window shopping
  5. Walk in park
  6. Hangout with friends
  7. Read
  8. Meditate
  9. Sit outside
  10. Try new recipes
  11. Make a homemade book (future post)
  12. Learn new language
  13. Sketch scenery
  14. Paint anything
  15. Write story
  16. Clean house
  17. Take pictures
  18. Find a passion
  19. Workout outside
  20. Go hiking
  21. Start a project
  22. Try sewing
  23. Look at the stars
  24. Start a bullet journal
  25. Bake something
  26. Take a bath
  27. Listen to audiobooks
  28. Organize space
  29. Go to the gym
  30. Walk around town/city
  31. Have a glass of water
  32. Take instagram pictures
  33. Style hair
  34. Go to museum
  35. Write in journal
  36. Paint nails
  37. Go to live music
  38. Take a class
  39. Learn to do a trick
  40. Plan future
  41. Plan week
  42. Write blog post
  43. Make new friends
  44. Organize your stuff
  45. Try watercolor
  46. Organize clothing
  47. Do makeup
  48. Make bed
  49. Try a face mask
  50. Be mindful