My Travel Essentials

Hello, reader welcome to this week’s blog post where I show you my travel essentials. Traveling is a big part of my life so I know what I need every time I am going on a long trip.



My number one travel essential is my music because it passes the time and helps me think or fall asleep. When I travel I use in-ear headphones because they are light and easy to carry while on the move. All the music I like to listen to is downloaded on Apple music and I have a podcast downloaded on Spotify.



The second thing I need to have is a snack because I always get hungry while I’m traveling so I’ll usually bring along something like a gorilla bar or chips. I will also take a water with me as well.

Sleep Mask

Long plane rides call for early mornings which means I will want to get some sleep in so I bring a sleep mask that I can tuck into my bag and it does not take up space. Sometimes I’ll take a blanket but most time I don’t.

Lip Balm


I use to always forget my lip balm because it never made its way into my bag. Now I don’t go anywhere without a lip balm in a pocket or in my purse, recently I have been carrying this super hydrating one when I’m traveling.

Something to Read


I like to read a book or magazine when I travel because it is easy to focus while traveling. books are pretty easy to fit in my backpack so I ‘ll just slip one in and read it whenever.

Well, those are all my travel essential I hope you enjoyed this post see you soon, okay bye.


Starting My First Bullet Journal

Hello reader, welcome to this weeks blog post where I set up my very first bullet journal. I have been interested in bullet journaling for awhile but just picked it up for myself.

001I went to a local art store a few days ago and I got a leuchtturm1917 dotted journal. This is the most popular brand for bullet journaling and it is around 17-18 dollars but is well worth the money. I also got a Tombow fudenosuke dual-ended brush pen, you do not need to get this if you are a beginner I just got it because I’m interested in calligraphy.023

Moving into my yearly spreads I have a quote and my yearly goals. I just split the page into a few categories and added some goals.

On the next four pages, I have my future log where I write down future events in their month.026 Then I have places to visit which are little polaroid drawing along with a drawing of the place. IMG_7300.jpgBooks read is next, I have three bookshelves full of empty books to fill in once I have read a book. The last yearly spread I have is saving goals which is a large mason jar with every month on it that I fill up if I meet my saving goal.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post if you did please follow me and I will see you next Saturday bye.


How to Learn a Language

Hello, reader welcome to this weeks blog post where I share some ideas for learning a language. Something people don’t know is that I am learning French, and I do many things to become more fluent.

Language journals are a good way to learn words because all you do is write down all the words you’ve learned in the day, along with there definitions and every day you over go yesterday’s words. 

Make your language apart from your everyday life by listen to music in the language or find a podcast or YouTuber that speaks the language you want to learn.

Set yourself a daily language goal like practicing for 5-10 mins or learning 2 words a day.

Talking to a real person that speaks the language you want to learn can really help you learn it because you can get the feel of the language and it will make you more useful to it.

Try surrounding yourself with the language by writing quotes or in journals. Whatever you want to do that lets you see them around and it will get you use to seeing it.

Well, I hope these helped you to learn your language better if they did please follow me it would be greatly appreciated.

How I do my blog posts


Hello reader, today I will take you inside my blog to see how I write, edit, and schedule my posts. I write all my post one week in advance so I always have it ready to go up and don’t have to worry about missing it or being late.


I write all my ideas, posts, and progress in my blog journal which is just a hardback ringed binder, it’s pretty simple and you can get one at Walmart or anything like that. My supplies are also quite simple, I use a mix of pens, pencils, and markers. Starting off with my pencils I use the Staedtler brand and these are very smooth and easy to write with. Moving into pens I use a piolet G-2 with a 07 tip. Then I have two Pigma micron pens in 05 and 08. A marker set I have are the sharpie accent liquid highlighters and they come in 10 colorful neon shades. Lastly, I have a Copic marker in the shade pale pink, this and the micron pen are for art and I bought them when I was drawing a lot. Now I use them for small drawings in my notebooks or even sometimes writing.


My first step in writing my posts is brainstorming, and the techniques I use are free writing, word webs, and lists. Free writing is more of the one I use when I just need to get my ideas on paper. Word Webs are used when I have one topic I want to focus on one topic and need ideas. Lists are the ones I most commonly use for my posts, they are easy to read and write.The second step is drafting and here all I do is write out my post in my journal. When I write it out I have to make it longer because it’s shorter when typing it out.149

The second step is drafting and here all I do is write out my post in my journal. When I write it out I have to make it longer because it’s shorter when typing it


Once I am finished I with all the writing steps I will set up my photo area, sometimes I will use my phone for the pictures but most times I will use my Lumix GX1 camera. I like this camera because it has a touchscreen and it has a great lens.

For photos, I mostly do flat lays or product photos. My set up is a whiteboard or ( I may use another background depending on theme) and my camera, that’s all I use I don’t have any super fancy equipment. Once I have got all my photos I will export them to the computer, and I’ll schedule my post for Saturday at 11:00 am.

Well, that’s all I do for my blog post I hope you enjoyed and if you did It would be greatly appreciated if you follow me.

10 Ways to Be a Morning Person

Hello reader, welcome to this weeks post. Today I will help you become more of a morning person. I am a morning person actually, but most of my family are not morning people. So from lots of research and asking my family I have acquired tips to help you get up in the mornings.

  1. Get motivated. Motivation is key to getting up because the day feels like it has a purpose no matter what that purpose may be.
  2. Get sleep. If you don’t get any sleep it will make the mornings even more dreaded because it’s harder to get up. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  3. Turn off your phone. Phones, TVs, and computers all produce a light called blue light which can keep you up so turn off your phone 1 hour before bed.
  4. Get up at the same time. Getting up at the same time can get your body into a routine.
  5. Make your bed. Making your bed can get you into a positive routine, and make you feel organized.
  6. Open your windows. In the mornings open your window to let natural light in this will boost your mood, and will make you wake up.
  7. drink water when you wake up. Water is great in the morning because it hydrates you and makes you more alert.
  8. Alarm games. There are so many apps you can get that make you do something before you can shut off your alarm.
  9. Workout in the morning. Workouts get your blood pumping and shake the sleep from your system, maybe do jumping jacks or go for a walk.
  10. Don’t hit the snooze button. Just get up and move to your couch or to a chair don’t stay in bed.

Well, I hope some of these helped you. If you like my content and want to see more please follow me. Okay bye.

What I eat in a day +healthy

Hello reader, welcome to this week’s blog post where I take you inside my day to see my meals. Overall I am pretty healthy with my food choices.


Breakfast is super important to me because I feel it sets the mood for the day. If I don’t have breakfast the day is being too rushed. I always like to have a sit-down meal in the morning. This day, like others, avocado toast with scrambled eggs was my go-to breakfast. Contrary to popular belief avocados are actually packed with 20 vitamins and minerals, plus it’s a healthy fat.IMG_7106 (1)


For lunch, I have something healthy and easy to make so today I had a kale chicken salad with chopped almonds and it was so delicious. I dressed the kale with olive oil and a tiny bit of lemon juice. Kale is packed with protein and fiber. Chicken has proteins and saturated fatty acids.IMG_6800IMG_6785


Between lunch and dinner, I get super hungry and need a large snack to tie me over til dinner. I’ll have either yogurt or a smoothie bowl with fruit on top. Today I went with my smoothie bowl recipe along with chopped mango and banana. I use frozen fruit I usually use are blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.img_7127


When dinner time comes around I want a hearty meal so I am going to go for a margarita pizza. I made the pizza dough by hand. I sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and spinach, then I sprinkle dried basil over the pizza before it bakes.



February favorites 2018

So January has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already February but I am super excited for spring and summer.

1. The book I have been obsessed with is I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai this is a phenomenal book that I would very highly recommend that you purchase this book or rent it from your local library. She stood up for education and she was shot by the taliban and it’s very well written.

2. Rishi green tea mint. This tea is so delicious and I love to drink it in the mornings. It’s a lose leaf tea so I can make it in this little keurig cup

3. I have been in love with my rebellious one sweater. It’s not to hot and not to cold and it is super comfy I love it so much. I have like a sweater collection I am obsessed.

4. Herbal essences shampoos are my favorite shampoos. They smell so good and they really deep clean my hair. The shampoo has infusions of rose hip, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

5. Maybelline New York like stiletto liner. Just I super cheap liner I have been using for awhile now. I doesn’t make very good wings but I don’t where those much so it’s fine with me.